Solar and Windmill

lorentz_ps1800_c-sj1-25_web solar setup with trough

Solar power is a great option for watering livestock where electricity is not accessible. We install and service Lorentz solar pumps. Above is an 8 panel setup on a new well with a poly tank and trough. Call or email for an estimate on having a solar unit put into an existing well or a new well.

For the Lorentz website, please see the following link: Lorentz solar






We install and repair America West windmills. Parts, cup leathers, cylinders, etc. are also available for sale at our retail store.

For the America West windmill website please see the following link:  America West Windmills

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L Series Submersible Pumps for 6″ and Larger Wells, 3 – 50 HP

Designed for Commercial, Municipal and Agricultural Water Needs: Municipal Water Supply, Irrigation, Fire Booster, Golf Turf Irrigation, Mines, Fish Farming.

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